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@ Ping Pong Gintonería

129 Second St, Sai Ying Pun.
Doors open 7:30PM
Show 8:00PM

Is Hong Kong really Asia’s international city? Tonight it is! Come get a taste of the world village as Hong Kong artists revisit music and dances from Asia, Africa and America. Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, right here at our World Music Night.

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Sunu Askan Bans – ADADC Company

From Goree Island in Senegal West Africa, we were born into a community of drummers and dancers and have been playing, performing and teaching for most of our lives. We are passionate artists and hope to get the chance to share our culture with you.

Makha Diop – Group founder has been living and working in Hong Kong and around Asia for the past 12 years with the goal to spread the rich and vibrant African Culture. For more information please visit our website

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ReOrientate is a Hong Kong based collective that is gaining acclaim for its unique world music drawing from Silk Road idioms to weave modern cognitive illusions that reframe diverse heritages. Familiar across cultures yet defying categorization, ReOrientate creates word play among the musical languages spanning the vast diaspora—from Far East to Far West—of cultures emanating from the centroid of today’s China, India, and Pakistan, from the Spanish flamenco gypsies who migrated eastward from India, to the Polynesians who migrated westward from Yunnan, to the Turkic cultures in between.

ReOrientate draws upon musical traditions from Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, and Taoist roots, bringing traditional acoustic forms back together in an interplay of modern electronic soul to transcend both communication barriers and time.

Join ReOrientate on a journey to celebrate the universal relationships that emerge from human diversity.

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Formed in Hong Kong, Chaturang is music and dance collective that blends traditional styles with modern sounds. The current incarnation explores the beauty of Kathak, a classical Indian dance form with complex rhythms and graceful storytelling. The music is a fusion of Hindustani music, including tabla and sitar and vocals, supported by drumming in a range of international music styles.

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