@ The Hub, Wan Chai

The Week is all about the music of Hong Kong. That's why we kick off with our traditional Showcase Night , where we share some of our favorite bands of the moment with you. Wondering what local bands are not to be missed? Make it Sunday and find out.

March 3


Twisterella* started to wow their audience since 2008 with their signature sound of marrying dream pop, post punk, shoegaze & noise pop. Explosive or softly melodic, one would still find a sense of heaviness within their songs. In 2011, the band released their debut EP online , the world started to recognize the name of Twisterella*. After multiple lineup changes, the existing 4-piece are sparking off the best in them.

March 3


"If you feel bad this will make you feel worse." A (sort of) straightforward emo / indie-punk band that always wishes for a sweaty crowd. We released our debut EP “Setbacks” in late 2017 and have since worked on a full-length record.

(比較)直線的 indie / punk / emo 音樂,經常希望現場能熱鬧一點。
2017年末發行首張 EP「Setbacks」並到台灣巡演,目前正在錄音。

March 3

Brother Plainview

Starting out in 2018 as friends-of-friends brought together by a love of indie alt-rock, the four members of Brother Plainview epitomise the charm of Hong Kong: local and international side by side. The band wasted no time recording and releasing their debut EP "Reunion Cycle" and debut MV, which heavily features their HK influences. They look to follow last year up with a second EP and more live shows. They will drink your milkshake.

『平菲』兄弟都係朋友互相介紹相識。四位兄弟都聽開indie alternative rock,都熱愛本土及西方文化。時間就是金錢就係人都知, 四條友仔夾左一年就出左佢地第一隻EP “Reunion Cycle”, 最近亦其中一首主打以佢地對香港認知作主題拍了一段MV。將來日子佢地將會籌備出第二隻EP同出更多ge show, 請多多支持!