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@ Drummers’ Ark

Room B, 4/F, Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong.
Doors open 7:30PM
Show 8:00PM

It just wouldn’t be the Hong Kong music scene without a Prog Rock Night to celebrate the city’s most hypnotic music. With headliners Life Was All Silence, get carried away by otherworldly harmonizations and 34-bar progressions from the best instrumental rock bands in town.

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Life Was All Silence

When sound and space become intertwined, Life Was All Silence (LWAS) decants emotions into weightless state, with fusion of traditional guitar motion, instruments and synthesizer tones. They make cutting edge analog sound infused with unerringly charming improvising music, expanding the sound space with intensified, fragile, explosive and brittle sweet tunes. 2010 fall, founding member LEAF (Bass) and TRAVIS (Percussion) attempted to improvise music, FRANK (Keyboard & Synthesizer) and JAY (Guitar and Synthesizer) joined to form the early stage of LWAS.

The band is emerged with stories of the band members, and blooming vigourously with their high energy and unique sound. Prepared for two years, with the help of tfvsjs, LWAS published their debut album “The People” in 2014, which full of humanistic colour, with an expression of views on war, anecdotes, city life, decaying world and future etc. The band completed the Tour in 10 China cities between 2015-2016, was invited to be supporting act for well-known artists like Maybe She Will, Envy, and festivals like Clockenflap 2015, Wow n Flutter, etc…

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Smoke In Half Note

2012- Summer, two guitarists were discussing the style of their music. From Pop to Metal, Metal to Jazz. No more Surprised.
He said why don’t we make something new.
I said forget about the genre, only count on our imagination.
2014- Spring, the drummer and bassist joined and it’s where SIHN started to share the way of how they look at the world through their music.
Smoke In Half Note

2012 年-夏天,兩位結他手在不同音樂風格上尋找新刺激,由流行至金屬,金屬至爵士都苦沒結果。
Smoke In Half Note

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milos, a math rock/progressive rock trio based in Hong Kong performed as opening act for Elephant Gym (Taiwan), toconoma (Japan), more reverb (Hong Kong) and shared stage with many artists at wow and flutter in 2017. The band released their first single “potato flower” in 2016, and the feedbacks were rousing, so the band was literally formed. Before, it was a side project from the guitarist Charles. Then, milos launched an official music video of “stutter . so hard” and live music video “ng5” taken from the Elephant Gym’s show in Hong Kong. In their instrumental music journey, they use complex structure creates stories, compiling chapter like song. When you hear story by music, it would be written by milos.

milos,香港三人數字搖滾樂隊。曾參與大象體操(台灣)、toconoma(日本)、more reverb(香港)作開場及大型Festival wow and flutter演出。樂隊於2016年中發行了第一首單曲”potato flower”後得到好評,自此由結他手Charles的個人音樂計劃轉形成樂隊模式,並於翌年春天發表音樂視頻”stutter . so hard”及於大象體操香港專場拍攝的現場音樂視頻”ng5”。在他們的純音樂中除了能聽到複雜的結構,每一首歌都聽似在説故事,每一個節奏都在破舊立新,像灌入了靈魂。獨立的章節,是milos的特色。

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