@ MOM Livehouse, North Point (Fortress Hill MTR)

It’s a well kept secret, but Hong Kong bands have thrived on punk influences. This Post Punk Night celebrates one of the city’s most underappreciated musical products. With headliners David Boring carrying old and new talents to the stage, be ready for a rush of energy like you’ve rarely scene!

March 7

David Boring

Signatured with their dirty, experimental noise, male-female interlacing spoken dialogues and the occasionally violent live performances, DAVID BORING explores the murky modernity with a ferocious postmodern skepticism, creating a dark, borderline claustrophobic world that either excites or traumatizes.

March 7

Say Mosquito

Formed in the summer of 2011, Say Mosquito straddles the ground between punk, jazz, psychobilly and pop. Peppered with irreverent lyrics and a no nonsense approach to fun, they take the classic power trio formula, feed it amphetamines, and turn it upside down and inside out.
成立於二零一一年的夏天,Say Mosquito的音樂穿梭於朋克,爵士,精神分裂和流行音樂之間。擁有無厘頭的歌詞,抱住認真地去玩的態度,這個三人樂團的音樂好有活力,好似食左安非他明一樣。從他們澎湃洗腦的歌中更可以聽到每位成員不同類型的音樂影響。

March 7

The Pafala

a-puṣ pa-phala

Gothic Rock / Post-Punk sound from Hong Kong.

March 7

The Viscose

The Viscose, formed by friends Yui and Chung. Duo blend of post-punk beats with industrial synth wave, pictures a promising dark soundscape under the march of intense drum beats.