Wednesday, 6 March
@ TTN (This Town Needs), Yau Tong

Prepare your neck and unleash your hair, it’s mid-week and we’re celebrating Hong Kong’s hardest music with our Metal Night. We’ve decided to plunge into the scene’s most melodic side. Metalcore, melodic metal, progressive hardcore… get ready to redefine your tastes!

March 6

Rain in Time

週而復始的生活為乾旱枯燥之地,等候天降甘霖。音樂在於我們是瞬雷不及之雨—及時雨。樂隊早於2008 年成立,於2011 年組成現時6 人的陣容。

及時雨以ALTERNATIVE、POWER-POP 及POST-HARDCORE 風格,一直以生活和身邊發生的事情為題材作歌,旨在與聽眾分享對生活的感想及共鳴,並以其節奏強烈、分明,樂於嘗試及創作新的音樂方法,加入電子聲效的元素,配合賦有詩意的歌詞,希望每首歌都能成為別樹一格的故事。

March 6

Parallel Horizons

Parallel Horizons is a four piece formed in February 2014 in the heart of Hong Kong, bursting into the scene with a mixture of metalcore, deathcore and technical progressive arrangements. After releasing their first EP, Amalgamate, in early March 2015, the band played with Asian and international giants in various countries, including Heartown Festival in Taiwan and JakCloth Indonesia and a Philippines tour in 2018.
The band’s debut album, Dissonant Echoes, was released in October 2017 and received positive reviews, with South China Morning Post listing it as one of the Top 10 indie releases in Hong Kong. Current line up consists of Naseem C. Khan on vocals, Jerome Turner on guitar, Shaun Apellido on drums and Aaron Mordeno on Bass.

March 6

The Priceless Boat

The Priceless Boat成立於2009年秋天。樂隊成員包括主音Enson、結他手Jim、Hin Yeung、低音結他手Shek,以及鼓手Kin。成員們深受 Post-Hardcore、Post-Rock及Punk等音樂風格影響及啟發,創作題材涉及政治、愛情及身邊大小事,冀望透過揉合不同類型的音樂及感覺,把樂隊的主題訊息表達出來。

The band was formed in 2009. The band line-up includes Enson (Vocals), Jim (Guitar), HinYeung (Guitar), Shek (Bass), Kin (Drums). The members are influenced by music style like Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock, punk etc. They would like to compose their original songs related to politics, love and lives, and broadcast these messages in their own way

March 6

The Ancient Mental

The Ancient Mental - is an instrumental progressive metal band founded by Adam Tam in 2015, based in Hong Kong. It currently consists of guitarist Adam, bassist Kelson, and drummer Frederick.

The Ancient Mental 於2015年成立,原為結他手Adam 的個人獨奏計劃及概念習作,
風格為前衛金屬 — 以風格獨特、高技術性及管弦樂所混合而成的樂風。後以鼓手 Frederick 及 貝斯手 Kelson 加入,於2018年確立了現有的陣容,並已開始進行演出。