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@ This Town Needs

1F, Commercial Accommodation, Ocean One, 6 Shung Shun Street, Yau Tong.
Doors open 7:30PM
Show 8:00PM

Prepare your neck and unleash your hair, it’s mid-week and we’re celebrating Hong Kong’s hardest music with our Metal Night. We’ve decided to look far and wide to bring you all this scene has to offer. From electronicore to deathcore, get ready to redefine your tastes!

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Massacre of Mothman

Massacre of Mothman, the most raging deathcore band in Hong Kong, has all the most outstanding elements of deathcore music, combined with great performing skills, violent style and “moshable” rhythm. The low growls and shrieked screams of the vocal are so skillfully manipulated that reveals enormous strength. Riffs of the guitars and bass that are twisted and heavily fierce make their music fairly refreshing. The complex while artsy arrangement of drumbeats is posing a challenge to all the cliché. And with a continuing motif of rethinking human nature, the music of Massacre of Mothman is punching us in the face and keeps awakening us.

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Dagger is a 4 piece socio-political metallic hardcore band featuring members of legendary Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee. The band began in 2017 and have already released a 6 track debut EP on Singapore record label Dangerous Goods. The EP was mixed by Taylor Young who performs in Nails and Twitching Tongues out of his California based studio The Pit. Dagger has also performed in the 2017 edition of Hong Kong music festival Wow and Flutter and Singapore’s Dangerous Fest. The band is currently working on recording a split 7″ with a band from Singapore to be released in June of 2018.

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Soul of Ears

Soul of Ears – the trendiest electronicore band from Hong Kong! Combining elements of post-hardcore, pop punk, EDM and even gaming music, their innovative style of music will always electrify you. Preserving the heaviness of guitar riffs and screaming vocals from modern core music, and with the super catchy pop punk style chorus melodies, Dagger plays skillfully with EDM elements, nu-metal, jazz, electro, trap, dubstep and trance. Paying a special attention to visual and lighting effects during their live performances, Dagger will make you dive in their colourful world and you’ll find yourself head-banging in a nightclub, or gaming in a neon party with everybody bouncing in front of their computers…

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Psycho Skull

Psycho Skull, a heavy rock / metal band was originally formed in the winter 2015 in Hong Kong by the members KEI (Vocal), HODE (Guitar), WATER (Guitar), GJ (Bass), and VINE (Drums). They released their first single “WILDFIRE” in 2016, followed by “ESCAPE” and “Pulse” in 2017. Now the band is working on their first album while keeping performing live.

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