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@ The Hub Wanchai

1F Fortune Building, 150-158 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai.
Doors open 7:30PM
Show 8:00PM

The Week is all about the music of Hong Kong. That’s why this year, we’re kicking off with our Hong Kong Showcase Night. For our opening, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite bands of the city with the audience. Wondering what local bands are not to be missed? Make it Sunday and find out.

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With the release of their first 2 tracks *‘Lime*’ and *‘Venture’* Thud created international buzz with rave reviews from ‘*NME’* and ‘*Drowned in Sound’ and followed though with the critically acclaimed Floret EP. For their last single single ‘Prime of Pride’ (mixed by Max Bloom from Yuck) Thud took a shoegaze wall of sound- add synths, dreamy vocals and an off beat groove to make a sound that captures a whole new vapour gaze aesthetic.

In the last year Thud have supported international acts – Yuck, Postiljonen, Braids, Caspian, The Bilinda Butchers, Fazerdaze and have performed at East Asia Shoegaze Fest in Shanghai and Rocking the Region in Singapore. Thud’s next single will be out in spring, mixed by acclaimed UK producer MJ of Hookworms and will be released on a UK label.

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Stranded Whale

Stranded Whale is a folk-rock and alternative rock band based in Hong Kong. The band consists of Jabin Law (vocals, guitar), Tomii Chan (vocals, guitar), Hin Leung(bass), Yikin Lo (keyboard) and Dean Li (drums, percussion).

The band’s name was stimulated by one of Jabin’s songs, “Killer Whale”. A stranded whale is alone and helpless. It is doomed to die. But that might be freedom to it. It’s soon to be free from pain and released by the ocean.

“When it comes to their music, the band are vaguely reminiscent of recent Radiohead, playing a warm tinged strand of progressive pop. Their music is never the sort that tears stereos and rocks out to heavy beats and fraught vocals, or even formulaic structures and catchy rhythms. Rather, Stranded Whale are happier obfuscating the nature of their songs.”

“Their debut album contains eight songs that blend electronic sounds with folksy backing vocals, conjuring up a delicate atmosphere. “Without the audience, everything is just meaningless noises and light shows,” the band writes. Get yourself into their songs, stir your imagination and let the music take you away.” – Ashleigh Ho @ Time Out Hong Kong

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meaning “WIND” derived from the word “TYPHOON”,
was found with a 4 men lineup in the midst of year 2015 in Kowloon Tong.
Nothing changes, nothing lasts,
Unpredictable like the winds.

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