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You’ve definitely noticed it, Asia loves Hip Hop. That’s why this Friday, we’re bringing you the longest lineup of our whole week for Hip Hop Night: from the newest talents to confirmed flowmasters, there’s no way you’re walking away without a new favorite. Heads up: get ready for some sick beatboxing and dancers too.

March 8

廿四味 24HERBS

24Herbs is a six piece collective of individuals who rock the stage everywhere they go. Based in Hong Kong, the group have two officially released album and working on their third effort. Since their formation they have played over 100 shows; clubs, concerts, sponsored events and festivals. Their music is energizing and keep the crowds pumped and entertained. The group have had roles and cameos in Hong Kong movies, TV shows and cable networks. Commercial yet still maintaining their independence and offer alternative music to the audience. Join us in their journey of music, life and good times.

March 8

Genius F

Geniuz F the FUTURE (Rapper/填詞人/音樂製作人):
現在分別屬於香港兩大說唱團體 Bakerie、生番 的主要成員。

March 8

JB, a.k.a. Jiggie Boy

JB aka Jiggie Boy is one of Hong Kong's most popular rappers of today.The multi-lingual Filipino-Hong Kong rapper is fluent in Cantonese and has been integral to Hong Kong's growing hip-hop scene for many years.

Last year, JB gained Internet virality with the videos for "點解咁撚肥 (This Guy Why So Fat)" which has achieved over 400k views on YouTube, and "潮共 (Chiu Gung)", which has nearly a million views.

March 8

PPC Crew

P.P.C. records has been established since 2016, formerly known as rap group Ping Pong Clan. created by three founding members DylanHing, NA$TY J and Tyler lee. Afterwards, with new member as SSnowball, Ocarm Sheep and Novel Friday entering the Clan (formerly known as HKDI rap society), .PPC officially changed to its current brand name, now known as P.P.C. records. we aims at being a unique, outstanding record label in the current game, while also sticking to its roots- being original to Hong Kong as always.
Since 2018, new members including CWBorg and Ginza Pilot, two upcoming stars from the underground, have now joined P.P.C. as the latest members. We are speculating changes as always - New Styles, New atmosphere, and most important of all, the Newest, most cutting edge types of music.

March 8

Matrix (beatbox duo)

MATRIX is a beatbox duo team. With 2 beatboxers, they can do various styles of music such as Hip Hop, Dubsteps, DnB, all by their human voices only. They are top 4 in Hong Kong Beatbox Championship 2018.

March 8

Lazyboi Dri & King $aral, from 7on7

HONG KONG’s #1 underground Hip-Hop crew, 7on7’s King-$aral & Lazyboi Dri, are representing HK’s Hip-Hop scene with multiple languages, fire bars and a stage presence that tends to shut down clubs and calls for security. The two command respect in Asia’s market with real life raps & facts, no gimmicks and holding claim still to 7on7 and the city of Hong Kong. Showing the world through their music, the life of an independent artist in the city is not always a Chinese one, nor do you have to speak the native language. However, both do have the ability to speak Cantonese and Mandarin but most of the time their focus is worldwide, not local. They choose to use it as icing on the cake in live shows rather than be conformed to one language.

For more info, tracks, interviews, follow them via the links below.

March 8

精神少年中心 Spiritual Teenagers' Centre


Teens in Spiritual Teenager Cenrer, has been burnt by the black fire from hell, recently they have formed a union to appeal about the rating the world given on them and their suffering in samsara, glad that we have 11 youths willing to raise their fist up.

March 8

DJ Blaze

Blaze is that DJ who will get you lit! No matter what genre of music you
prefer, Blaze will mix-up something you’ll love. His extensive musical
knowledge, crowd-pleasing song selection, control of energy, as well
as his skills and creativity on the turntables, keeps his calendar filled
with gigs both in his current residence of Hong Kong and abroad. His
skill and professionalism have made him the top DJ choice of brands
such as Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Versace, Adidas and Bape.
Originally starting his career in Canada, Blaze set out to expand his
musical influence in Asia in 2007 and is now a regular feature at top
clubs such as Pacha Macau and Jinjuu as well as music festivals such
as Clockenflap. In Hong Kong and Macau he is the top selection for
high-profile club events, corporate functions and private events. Blaze
has also shared the stage with legends such as Flo Rida, Lil Jon,
Estelle, Usher, DJ Snake, The Clipse, Nigo and G-Unit.

THE SPACE is a versatile event venue of 12,000 sqf aimed to promote creativity. Its layout and peripheral facilities are designed to facilitate a wide variety of events such as Press Conference, Product Launching, Fashion Show, Music Concert, Weekend Markets, Interest Workshops, Corporate Events and Training Sessions. Equipped with over 300 pieces of furniture and decoration, THE SPACE is highly flexible and ready-to-use.

Located on the 2/F of D2 Place ONE shopping mall – the Cultural & Creativity Hub of West Kowloon – THE SPACE is only steps away from the Exit D2 of Lai Chi Kok MTR Station, connected with over 60 types of public transit, and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.