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@ This Town Needs

1F, Commercial Accommodation, Ocean One, 6 Shung Shun Street, Yau Tong.
Doors open 7:30PM
Show 8:00PM

Tuesday is Hip Hop Night. It was lit last year with over 250 music lovers attending, and you can bet it’ll be lit this year too. Local freestyle legend Mastamic is headlining and some of the city’s newest and freshest rappers will make sure you go home with a few new names to add to your favorites.

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Since MastaMic began his career on Hip Hop in 2005, he has become the focus of attention in the Hip Hop community of the city. As a new generation iconic character in the Hip Hop community, he demonstrated excellence in mixing social lyrics and unique street fusion for a refreshing feeling! MastaMic created the precedence of Cantonese freestyle when he was young, the first one in the history of Cantonese freestyle. No matter what kind of themes, he could improvise a rap, so he earned reputation of “Hong Kong Free – style King”.

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Matt Force

Inspired by the golden era of Hip Hop, Matt Force combines jazzy production with his trademark delivery, creating an unique style that can be best described as a quiet storm. Speaking on topics from life, philosophy to social injustice, Matt Force is one of the few lyrical prophets of this generation.

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Born in Toronto, raised in Mississauga, growing up in Hong Kong, and being of Japanese descent, TXMIYAMA aka Jap Boy never really fit in anywhere he went. Having a passion for writing since a young age, he found an escape through rap music but only started to take it seriously at 21. Influenced both by East Coast lyricism and new age trap, TXMIYAMA tries to ride the wave of the growing Asian scene, often switching between Japanese and English in his lyrics about the belligerent, underground lifestyle in Hong Kong.

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Squarehead is an ill lyricist who came onto the scene with the release of his debut mixtape Camel Blue Jesus. His anticipated follow up mixtape, Discount Ghost Doctor, features collabs with some of Hong Kong’s freshest talent.

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