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@ MOM Livehouse

B39, Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 117-121 Kings Road, North Point.
Doors open 7:30PM
Show 8:00PM

Friday night is the perfect night to drink, dance, and smash the patriarchy. Come join some of the most exciting bands of the moment for our Girls Night. Math-folk stars GDJYB will be headlining a parade of feminine talent that’ll leave you wondering why you hadn’t heard it before.

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GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅

GDJYB is a female maths-folk band from Hong Kong. Their music are produced in the language of Hongish (Hong Kong style English), which is a mixture of Cantonese and English unique to the city of Hong Kong.

Current line-up of the band include Soni Cheng (Guitar), Heihei Ng (Drums), Soft Liu (Vocal), and Wing Chan (Bass). The band started in summer 2012 when Guitarist Soni came across Vocalist Soft through an online music forum, who later introduced Drummer Heihei into the group and began jamming as a trio. The name GDJYB is taken from the acronym of their Cantonese name “Gai Daan Jing Yuk Bang”, a Chinese dish made of steamed egg & pork.

The band’s quirky style extends from their language to their music style. Through a change of tempos, patterns and clear guitar lines, GDJYB fuse the math-rock and folk genres with Hongish (Special mix of Cantonese and English) that brings an unprecedentedly creative style to the local indie music scene. With music content surrounding on local social and political issues, their style is attested by the local media’s positive reviews. In 2014 they were nominated by Time Out HK Magazine as one of the “New Rising Stars in Hong Kong’s new music”.

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So It Goes

So It Goes is a 3-piece girl band based in Hong Kong with Emily on vocals and guitar, Emily on bass and Emilyon drums. Besides from having the same first name, the 3 Emilies have another thing in common: they are pessimistic opti-mists. In Slaughterhouse-Five, the phrase “so it goes” follows every occurrence of death no matter the circumstance.

Influenced by Mogwai, The XX, Warpaint and Radiohead, the music of So It Goes can be described as alternative rock with adark psychedelic/garage twist. In their songs, So It Goes often explores the insignificance of human existence, the feeling of power-lessness in a mundane society and the idea that everyone is at the mercy of time and change. The band may not have a very concrete direction yet but their music is made for the sensitive humans who feel like bugs in amber. There is always one in loneliness. If the band can touch one person through their music and let that person know there are other bugs in amber, then Emilies would be truly happy.

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After After Party

Are you finding it difficult to find nice friends?

Do you regularly get drunk and do things you regret?

Are you actively looking to get laid?

Frustrated by Hong Kong’s public transport?

Trying to promote yourself better on social media?

Late for your period?!


Well, the After-After-Party may just be the soundtrack to your life.

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Yeung Tung

A self-produced singer-songwriter whose style skews towards the electronica end of the pop music spectrum. Emotional yet concealed, gloomy and atmospheric in her expressions.

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