@ Lost Stars Livehouse, Tai Kok Tsui

Hong Kong can bring you up, but it can also get you down. When you’ve got the big city blues, there’s nothing better than diving into the city’s Blues & Folk scene. Whether you’re feeling like brut, true emotion or some world class musicianship, be sure to make it tonight!

March 4

Henry Chung & the Spontaneous Combustion

Henry Chung is the premier blues harmonica player and bandleader in Hong Kong (HK) and all of Asia. Chung was rated “one of Washington’s top jazz and blues musicians” by Washington Post in 2006. After returning to HK, his performances earned him immediate recognition in the city, called “one of the greatest performances of 2007” by South China Morning Post and inducted him into the “Who’s Who of HK Music Industry”. In 2008, Chung was voted one of the top 40 HK musicians by TimeOut HK Magazine.

The Pineapple Jam

March 4

The Pineapple Jam descend from the green hills of Sai Kung to bring the taste of bluesy inspired Americana to the city folk. Spiced with Banjo, Harmonica & Mandolin arrangements to keep things sonically sensual, their 4 part harmonies drip with juice to hush any audience before launching into foot-stomping, percussion wielding, bar rousing riffs.

folk / bluegrass / alternative

March 4

Tomii Chan

Tomii Chan在2017年及2018年分別推出了《Arrays》及《Not A Good Day To Die》兩張專輯,一手包辦發行、設計、監製、錄音等工序,為他的職業生涯留下了風格多樣的音樂足跡。Tomii Chan深受藍調、鄉謠和靈魂樂影響,其自由奔放的演奏、立體呈現的情緒表達——與平時總是面露疲態的他相比,判若兩人。在壓抑生活中捕捉不到「自由」,所衍生的空白與無力感,唯有用音樂來填補。

Tomii Chan is a music producer/composer/singer-songwriter with strong influences from the blues, 60’s and 70’s soul music and folk music. Tomii released his debut album “Arrays” in August 2017, as a thoughtful record and selection of his latest works. The second album “Not A Good Day To Die” was released in May 2018, emphasizing on the styles of folk, blues, and country music.