@ 1563 At The East

Saturday’s the grand finale! Come join Hong Kong’s indie rock stars at our Alt Rock Night. Local stars Seasons for Change and Bamboo Star will be joining forces to make sure this night goes down in local rock history.

March 9

Nowhere Boys

五個性格、 音樂背景及風格截然不同的人, 融合著各人所長的音樂領域, 拼湊出瘋狂嶄新「電影式」搖滾曲風。 Nowhere Boys於2015年成立, 成員包括唱作人Van Chan、 爵士鼓手Nate Wong、 結他專家Kenneth Angus、 琴手/小提琴手Fisher Kan和全能樂手Hansun Chan。 出道一年多, 足跡已踏遍香港各音樂場地,包括大型活動如Slide the City Hong Kong、 香港單車節、wow and flutter及西九文化區自由約等, 亦在東莞、廣州等中國城市巡演。

Formed in 2014, Nowhere Boys are musicians of different backgrounds collaborating with each other in search of a new cinematic rock sound. Members include singer-songwriter Van Chan, jazz drummer Nate Wong, guitar expert Kenneth Angus, psychedelic pianist/ violinist Fisher Kan and all-round bassist/ instrumentalist Hansun Chan. Their music covers a wide range of cinematic stories - from childhood fear towards cockroaches, to fantasies of living in science fictions.

March 9

Seasons for Change

'Seasons for Change' is an alternative rock band from Hong Kong. It's current lineup officially came together in 2015. The band has performed in numerous music festivals in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including 'Clockenflap', 'Heartown Festival' and 'Wake Up Festival'. 'Seasons for Change' released their debut EP 《Timeless Collective》under the US label Famined Records in 2016. Currently the band is in the process of finalising the mixes of their first full-length album featuring 10 brand new songs. With a more mature sound and experimention of varied genre styles, the new album is going to be the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

March 9

Bamboo Star

Iconic voice. Massive guitar. Blistering bass. Relentless drums. Bamboo Star is all this and more. Hailing from a background of diverse influences, they are every bit as unique, powerful, and interesting as their hometown of Hong Kong. An antithesis of east meets west, their music runs at a frenetic pace that smashes you in the face, or it can bring down the house with gigantic power ballads that will crescendo with the entire crowd’s fists held high in the air.

Bamboo Star was created by Australian-Hong Kong front man and vocalist Wilfred Chung and Canadian-Hong Kong lead guitarist Terence Ng, who together with bassist Jasmine Wong and drummer Lawrence Wong are making some of the best hard rock music in Asia. Their songs are written in their two native languages, English and Cantonese,

March 9

Black Coffee

Small spaces, simple gears, tattered music instruments; based in a small warehouse with only 60 feet, Black Coffee developed their Garage Rock music with their dissipated sound. Influenced by Western Indie Rock culture from the 80’s and 90’s, Black Coffee’s music style combined Brit Pop, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi and Punk and with vocalist Mario’s Grunge Rock tune, they presented a unique style in the local indie music industry.