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The Week wouldn’t be nearly as cool without the support of our partners and sponsors who work together to bring you this week-long music festival.

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Gwei Lo Beer

Gweilo was founded with a dream: to create fun, fresh and unique beers, brewed in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by everyone in this fine city.

The Gweilo journey started by stripping the brewing process back to basics, spending months working closely with an internationally acclaimed craft brewer to create our own unique recipes. The team at Gweilo embarked on a number of hop tea and malt sensory sessions, sampling a range of hops and malts from across Europe, North America and the South Pacific in order to source the perfect ingredients. We benchmarked over 150 beers. The journey required dedication and stamina; it was tough!

Gweilo beers are session style ales ranging between 4% and 6%. They can be enjoyed all day and all night long. However, please drink responsibly because we wouldn’t want you being arrested for stealing one of Hong Kong’s notoriously funny street signs…

Visit their online store and use the discount code: TheWeek$399

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Yardley Brothers Beer

In a beer market overrun with watery imports, Yardley Brothers Beer is an alternative brew packed with authentic flavour and rebellious spirit. This award-winning Hong Kong micro brewing operation has just one goal – to create craft beer that tastes fucking phenomenal.

Uncompromising on quality and taste, Yardley Brothers Beer is made from only the finest ingredients. We source hops, malts and yeast from passionate growers and suppliers and have devoted years to creating original recipes pushing the boundaries of craft beer.

As an independent local brewery, we’re passionate about independent artists, musicians, and craftspersons of all descriptions, and are proud to support The Week!

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Lucky Dawgs Brewing

Hong Kong craft brewery located in North Point

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UTOPIAN is a boutique events consultancy that provides technical event management and solutions worldwide. From epic stadium events to intimate private affairs, we bring the technical skill and knowledge to deliver the ideas into reality.

With over 18 years of experience, we have been trusted by partners across Asia, Australia and the globe. Clients have come to view us as artisans who are experts at every aspect of our craft of technical production

You call this peace of mind. We call it Showcraft.

We understand that events are incredibly complex. So we provide partnership throughout the project to ensure your events are successful and have the impact you hope for

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Booqed is a marketplace for amazing flexibles spaces.  Whether you’re looking for a place to jam, a place to write music, a place to discuss and sign your recording contract, or finding that perfect place to hold your next performance, Booqed has some of the best places in Hong Kong and across Asia for you.  Check them out at www.booqed.com or drop them an email at [email protected]

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陶傑主理的 *CUP 媒體。

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At MAD Productions, we have top of the line equipment and we are more than happy to provide our customers with technical support. We can design the stage for your event to all your preferences and requirements. From this stage, we can then move to the implementation stage and from here move on to the positioning and stationing. We are here to solve all your technical difficulties.

Our experiences with technical support in Theatre or Events allow us to tailor-design your project. We have award-winning sound designers that would take care of your audio needs.

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Latvian photographer based in Hong Kong with specialisation in slow motion, aerial photography and cinematography.

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Bringing you awesome music events and entertainment

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Event organisation and provider of entertainment.

Need a DJ? A band? An aerialist to dangle from the ceiling to pour champagne for your guests?

We’ve got you.


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